Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentine's Day Party

Wow, our Valentine's Day party was such fun!  I'm definitely going to make it an annual event.  I know my moms & dads appreciated a little alone time, and the kids and I had a blast.  The highlight of the evening had to be the treasure hunt.  The kids were really engaged in figuring out the clues which eventually led to a basket of prizes.  Our feature presentation was Despicable Me II - such a cute movie, and the finale ends with the wedding of the two main characters, so I thought it was appropriate for Valentine's Day.  We ate pizza, decorated cupcakes and made personalized handprint valentines.  Before we knew it, the evening was over and it was time for mom & dad to pick up.

Happy Valentine's Day, my lil Sweet Peas!

Mrs. K

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Pennypickles Workshop

Just got my membership at Pennypickles.  If you're not familiar with the local kid's science museum, you should go!  It's so much fun, and educational too.  My 4 year old Sweet Pea still talks about making electricity and he was interested enough to do a little more research on the internet when we got home. We can't wait to go back!  I was afraid my  14 month old SweetPea would be too young, but there were actually a lot of hands-on things for her to see and  do.  She loved the music room and even made a few new friends.  The cost is very reasonable; just five dollars for adults and kids over the age of three.  A lot of my Sweet Peas have staggered schedules, so anytime I'm lucky enough to have just one for a couple of hours, we head on over for some one-on-one exploring and learning.

Happy Learning!
Mrs. K

Monday, February 3, 2014

Valentine's Date Night Special - Come join the fun while mom and dad get a little "me" time!

Sweet Pea Academy is pleased to offer this very special Valentine’s -Date Night
Friday, 2/14/14
6pm to midnight
For You:                                    
Quality time with your love, or fun with friends!                           
For the kids:
Pajama Party, Pizza & Cupcakes, Crafts & Games, Movie                                                       

**Come in pajamas.  Bring a blanket and a toothbrush.

Space is limited.  Make your reservations by Wed, 2/12 with Linda K. 

Sweet Pea Students:  $20, siblings + $10 each
Non-Members:  $35, siblings + $20 each                                             

January classroom activities

Rizah is demonstrating a couple of our activities this month:

We made puzzles with construction paper and designer-cut scissors.  This little Sweet Pea used a dinosaur theme.

We made body profile outlines and measured the lengths of our whole bodies and various body parts.  The children were fascinated to see how big their bodies looked when drawn out like this.

The weather's still a little chilly.  We have actually had a couple of days where we stayed inside the whole day.  That's unusual for Southern California.  I can't wait for the warm summer nights when it stays light until 9pm.  (sigh)

Mrs. K

January Field Trip - Discovery Science Center

On Sunday, my daughter and I packed up my Weekend-Sweet Peas, our Diabetes Alert Dog In-Training, Jackson, and went to the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana.  It was such a madhouse with all those kids running around, but the dogs were great and so were the kids! There were about 20 Diabetes Alert Dogs and their families and trainers.

At the end of the day, the kids weren't the only ones exhausted.  Jackson went right to sleep!

Goodnight Jackson - you deserve the rest!
Mrs. K