Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A+ Rating !!!

Ok, so the County of Riverside doesn't actually have a letter rating system.  I gave myself the "A". :) The report says something really nerdy like no deficiencies were noted at this time.  It's taken me awhile to share this, but it's really good news!  It's the dreaded annual surprise inspection by County Licensing.  Sure, I know I run a top notch place, but these agents are pretty picky -  and some feel it is their duty to find at least 1 violation.  They come in, unannounced, and take about 2 hours pouring over paperwork and going through my home and yard, making sure their regulations are being carried out with regard to safety, capacity, health, cleanliness and documentation.

Let's hear it for our county inspectors who keep us on our toes, maintaining top quality in licensed daycare facilities!

Linda K

Monday, May 5, 2014

Sunny Days

Ah, these sunny days are great!  The sun, the wind, the fresh air.  The kids love playing outside, and so do I.

New Mascots!

Introducing "Cooper" and "Lola", our two new mascots.  They are 12 week old pups we rescued.  As far as we can tell, they are Jack Russell terror mixed with Shih tzu.  Although babies and puppies are kept apart for the safety of both, they are being socialized so they each learn to respect each other.

My daughter comes to visit some weekends.  This is her dog, Edward.  He was so protective of the little puppies.  He was such a nanny to them.  So cute!