Sunday, June 9, 2013

Building Castles

At Sweet Pea Academy, a portion of our day will always be devoted to building things.  We have puzzles, puzzle blocks, mega blocks, boxes, foam squares, and various plastic gizmos to choose from.  Children learn valuable lessons in problem-solving, critical thinking, planning, designing, imagination and cooperation when they put their hands and brains into building things.  Here, my lil Peas are building a castle, complete with tunnel entrance and guard-dog, carpeted floors, and surrounding footpath.

Monday, June 3, 2013

My Little Scientists - Density Demonstration

Today we learned about density.  Using colored water and oil, we noticed that the lighter density oil floated on top of the heavier density water no matter which way we held the bottle.  The kids had fun shaking the bottles and then watching the insoluble liquids separate.  They also held the bottles up to the sunlight to observe the patterns in the oil and water.

(No, 3D glasses weren't part of the demonstration.  They were added to protect the identities of my little Sweet Peas.)

Mrs. K

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Late Night Drive-In

My Sweet Peas who have to stay later than usual get an extra treat.  We make cars out of large cardboard boxes, then drive over to the living room for a drive-in movie.  These lil Peas are watching the Chronicles of Narnia in 3D.  15 minutes in and they've already retreated to the couch, parking their cars at the side of the road.  lol.

It's a nice day for a Saturday afternoon movie!

Mrs. K