Sunday, January 20, 2013

Endless Fresh Green Onions

I don't know about you, but I often buy fresh vegetables, only to find they've gone bad in the fridge before I've gotten around to cleaning and cooking them.  ugh.  I recently discovered the joys of green onions (scallions), but I rarely get a chance to use more than a couple before the rest of the bunch gets brown and soggy.  That is...until I stumbled upon this great little tidbit.  

If you cut off the root end of a scallion and throw it in a cup of water IT GROWS BACK.  

That's right!  Every time you use a green onion, you can regrow a new one.  Voila! A never-ending supply of fresh green onions!  There are a few simple rules.  You have to change out the water every other day, and eventually, if you use the same root over and over, it will not have enough nutrients to regrow again in the water.  So, you do periodically have to buy new ones that have been grown in soil.  I'm guessing that it takes about a week to grow each new onion.  Take a look at these photos which show the growth process after four days using this method.  

This little project can be used for lessons in healthy eating habits as well as basic plant biology.

Mrs. K.

Set up
Original roots in water.

Onions: Day Four

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